RegAlive Customer Service:

RegAlive Help Information

Activating Your Software

To activate your software and enable full functionality, enter your License Key and click Activate. Ensure you are connected to the internet before activating the software. You can access the "Register Your Software" screen by clicking "Register" in the top right corner.

Main Screen

This is the main scan screen. To begin a scan, check off which areas of your computer you would like to scan and click "Start Scan". By default (recommended), all categories are checked off.

Scan In Progress

Once you have initiated the scan, you will see a screen that displays the current results of the scan. It tells you which areas of your computer have problem and how many errors have been detected. You will be notified once the scan is complete and the "Next" button will become active. Click "Next" once the scan has finished to be taken to the next step where you can fix the errors.

Fixing Errors

This screen displays the errors that were detected on your computer. To repair the problems, click "Fix Errors". There is also an option to backup your registry before repairing errors, this is selected by default (we highly recommend doing this). Once RegAlive has created a backup of your registry, it will begin to fix the detected errors.


This screen gives you an overview of how many errors were detected and cleaned on your computer.

Registry Backup

The Registry Backup displays all of the backup files that were created before fixing errors on your computer. If you ever need to restore your computer's registry, you can select a backup from a previous date and click "Restore". You may also remove backups if you choose.

Startup Manager

The startup manager provides you with a list of programs that are set to automatically launch when you turn on your computer. From the screen, you can turn certain programs off and on. This can be helpful for turning off unnecessary programs that are slowing down your computer's performed. Use caution, certain programs are required for your computer to function properly.


On the Configuration screen, you have the option to set RegAlive to automatically repair errors after the scan completes without prompting you again and also for it to automatically close upon repairing your computer. There is also an "Ignore List", if there are particular components/registry keys that you would like RegAlive to avoid scanning, you can add them here.

Web Browsing Optimization

This is an extra feature that will be enabled if you selected it while registering your copy of RegAlive. The Web Browsing Optimization enhances your web experience by cleaning up cached and temporary files. It also helps protect privacy by removing data that your computer may have stored related to web browsing.